Take better pictures of the countryside with your smartphone

Tired of your pictures not doing the countryside justice?
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Countryside smartphone photography

Residents of the UK & Ireland are blessed with countless breath-taking countryside views. Moments of bliss that are certainly worth capturing, and to do that the majority of us turn to our trusted smartphones. They certainly have the power, but more often than not our pictures turn out… a little disappointing and It could be down to these 5 things:

5 things you can do to take better pictures with your smartphone

Wipe your lens

A dirty lens could affect the quality of your photos, and It’s probably dirtier than you think. Mobile phones spend most of their time in your pocket, or on surfaces that aren’t necessarily clean. 

Over time your phone lens will accumulate tiny dirt particles, and it’s these particles that will blur your photos. Having a clean lens will allow more light in and therefore resulting in a much sharper photo, without less blur depending on your phone’s specs. So before you take your next shot, clean your lens with an appropriate wipe.

Turn off flash

Motion blur? You can thank your flash for that. Smartphones are equipped with powerful LED lights that often skew colour temperature in photos. Like all of your camera’s features, flash works well at times, and outside it works well when the photographer is able to adjust angles and lighting to prevent poor quality photos. But if you can’t do that and you want to take better pictures, make sure you have the flash turned off.

Adjust the camera focus 

For landscape photography, focus is essential, especially if you have subjects in the frame. Tapping on the screen before you shoot will ensure you get the best possible photo, doing this makes your smartphone camera adjust to the scene. And if you have subjects in the frame, simply tap exactly where they are on screen to ensure that they are the main area in focus.

take better pictures of the countryside with your smartphone

Don’t zoom, if you can

The real beauty of your scene may be in the distance, but try to resist the urge to zoom. Because when you do it effectively scatters the pixels, and that blurs your photos. For the perfect shot, keep moving closer until the finer details and textures become clearer, and don’t zoom from there, even if it is just a small fraction. The same advice applies to close up photography with your smartphone.

Rule of thirds

Focus, flash and a clean lens aren’t the only thing between you and better photos. The best landscape photographers among other things use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is quite simple, you basically divide your image into sections using horizontal and vertical lines, and then put what you deem as the most important features of the photo at the meeting point of the three lines. Smartphones have grid line features already built in and you can choose to have them on permanently to stop you wasting time before each shot.

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