10 of the best pancake toppings for shrove Tuesday

Push the boat out and try these pancake toppings instead of lemon and sugar.
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pancake day - pancake toppings

It’s time to whip out the frying pan and flip some pancakes. But what pancake toppings are you going to have this year? 

Lemon and sugar is the traditional pairing up and down the UK, but we think you should try something extra tasty because, well, you deserve a treat.

Pancake toppings to tick off your list

1. Fruit 

Fresh fruits and pancakes are a match made in heaven, and it doesn’t matter what fruits you decide to try as they are always a delight. Fresh fruit on your pancakes certainly make you feel a lot healthier too, so long as you don’t drizzle over a litre of chocolate sauce.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, oranges and passionfruit are all fantastic.

The best part about putting fruit on pancakes is arguably the fun in presentation, after all we eat with our eyes, apparently. For fun, make it a competition to see who can create the most beautiful looking plate.

2. Bananas and Chocolate

Bananas are a wonderful pancake topping. Packed with flavour and a bunch of potassium and protein.

You can’t leave it there, throw on the chocolate to make the perfect pairing. Chips, chunks or melted in the microwave, it’s up to you. However you do it the flavours will be absolutely delightful.

3. Nuts

Try cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, and pecans. Nuts taste superb with pancakes and add a crunch. Make it even better by toasting them beforehand (about 1-2 minutes), this releases more of their unique flavour and unlocks their aroma.

Pancake toppings: Nuts
Photo by Mae Mu

4. Whipped Cream

Yes, whipped cream. It’s an amazing addition and I’ve only just discovered it (Why its taken so long I don’t know). Straight from the can is fine, but it’s hard to beat freshly whipped cream.

Pancake toppings: Whipped cream
Photo by Joyful

5. Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce is up there as one of the all time greatest pancake toppings. With its unique sweet and salty flavour, and its gloriously smooth consistency it’s a must try if you haven’t done so before. It’s also relatively easy to make at home. 

6. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and pancakes? Absolutely!

Long shelf life and distinct flavour, smooth or crunchy it’s a smashing good topping for your pancakes. If your peanut butter is too thick just melt it in your microwave with honey until you get the perfect syrup consistency to pour over your pancakes.

7. Jam

Great in doughnuts and great on pancakes. Their tart, sweet flavour makes a great topping for any pancake. Spread on top, or spread in between your pancakes to make a sandwich. Whatever you do you’ll love it.

8. Apple Butter

Sure, butter tastes amazing with pancakes. But apple butter is in a different league.

With its extremely heart-warming flavour, you’ve have to try this over your pancakes. The sweet apples and warmth from the spices used make it combine to make a lovely winter warming topping.

9. Bacon and/or Sausage

Sausages and bacon, need I say more?

The popularity of savoury pancakes is on the rise. And if you love a sweet and savoury combo don’t forget the maple syrup for both sausages and bacon.

Pancake toppings: Eggs, bacon and sausage
Photo by White

10. Fried Eggs

A runny yolk over your pancakes is just what you need for a hearty winter breakfast. It’s a simple addition, but it’s one you’ll want to boast about to your friends and colleagues.

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