8 easy gardening jobs for Autumn

The days are getting shorter, but there’s still plenty to be getting on with in the garden in the lead up to, and duration of Autumn.
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Gardening jobs for autumn

Whatever time of the year, be it the start of spring, the middle of a basking summer or the end of a beautiful autumnal day, there are jobs to be getting on with in the garden. As you know, there’s no easy ride to a lovely looking garden all year round. Unless you have a gardener.

With Autumn on the way, or already here, depending on when you’re reading this. Here are a few easy gardening jobs for autumn.

Your easy gardening jobs for autumn checklist

1. Garden clearance

Do a general tidy up and sweep away those leaves. If you don’t they’ll slowly suffocate your lawn, leaving ugly thinned patches and pathways will become very slippery when wet. Fallen leaves do however have their uses, as a great addition to your compost heap.

2. Lawn maintenance

With a rake, or the proper kit if you have it, remove as much moss and dead grass as you can, it will struggle to grow back over autumn and winter. For a healthier root system and overall lawn, consider aerating it. If you want to start again with a new lawn, or if you didn’t have one before. Autumn is a really great time to get one down. New grass can become established before winter sets in and won’t get blasted with hot weather.

3. Weeding

Keep weeding heading into Autumn and enjoy a weed free garden for longer with slower growth during cold days and nights. You might be fed up with doing it, but in reality, it’s one of the more simple tasks for the garden and it makes a huge impact. Remember to aim for the root.

4. Soil preparation

A great time to dig your soil over and give it a good fertilising, clear away any rubbish, add compost or manure and improve drainage in time for the wet months ahead.

5. Trim hedges and seasonal pruning

Trim hedges - Your easy gardening jobs for autumn checklist

Tidy up your hedges to keep them in good shape over the next few months and prune any fruit trees to stimulate new fruit buds for next year. Be sure there are no nesting birds before you trim your hedges, and once you’ve done your final cut of the year (November), keep them looking at their best with a good watering if they aren’t getting enough. Though I wouldn’t worry.

Lavender is often a plant that people forget to prune. Once the flowers have started to die, take off a couple of cm’s (don’t chop into the woody area) to freshen up and promote new growth.

6. Tend to perennials

Perennials - Your easy gardening jobs for autumn checklist

Your favourite flowers will be entering hibernation around about now, which makes this a good time to think about the next year and how you would like your garden to look. Once they’ve finished flowering you can remove them altogether or cut down any offshoots. Managing this properly will not only lead to a tidier garden, but you will stop the invasion of new perennials.

7. Plant spring bulbs

If you beat the rush to buy spring bulbs before they all run out. September, October and November are the times to plant your Tulips, Daffodils and any others. If they start flowering too soon, read this.

8. Pond maintenance

Pond maintenance - Your easy gardening jobs for autumn checklist

Clear away aquatic plants, particularly blackweed to decrease pond debris, which left unchecked can have a negative effect on the quality of your pond’s water. If your water level dropped over summer, be sure to top up your pond if it’s required, but not with water straight from the tap (Unless you want algae). With leaves dropping around us, it’s also a good idea to cover your pond with netting.

Is it ok to plant in Autumn?

Yes. You can still plant in Autumn, with soil temperatures still warm enough to encourage root growth and milder temperatures preventing a number of possible issues. So go for it.

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